I was listening to an old rock and roller today. He talked about his manager walking away with millions of his dollars. I saw a young woman recently put her hand in the bulk food bin and take a handful of cookies. You've seen it too - the cyclist that screams around a corner without giving a warning bell or shout-out.

Trust - how we keep it or break it is always up to us. But first, we need to notice it.

There are so many easy ways to break it.

From the relatively harmless showing up late for a meeting to the heart-wrenching showing up early to find your spouse...

A man who doesn’t trust himself
can never really trust anyone else.
Cardinal de Retz

We trust blindly sometimes and don't trust other times because of some long-ago event that scarred us. We hand our hearts and money to strangers but don't praise often enough the good deeds of our neighbour. He too has his problems but he continues to sweep off our front entrance whenever he does his.

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We live each day treating others by what we learned to expect of them. And they do the same. (Tweet This)

What value do we put on those who stand up to their commitments in spite of their own difficulties?

If they've always been there doing their 'thing', that's exactly what we trust them to do. Even if they are the one who always shows up late!

We know when something has happened at the house on our street even though we don't know them because the weeds have sprouted, not because we've peeked in their windows. It's just not like them, we think to ourselves.

There are times when we need to use our trust in someone else's behaviour to know that it's time to step in.

When the perennially cheerful, hang their heads we need to ask Why?

And likewise when the distant, morose teenager is suddenly cheerful and tidying up her room.

We need to examine what has drawn our attention to the fact that something is different. (Tweet This)

We need to trust our own instincts. We need to know ourself.

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