As the year draws to a close, we notice the moments that make the memories, the feelings that wedge into our hearts, and the flash of the people who always make us smile.

The words in these five blog posts reflect those times that stood out for me, moments between the first hint of light each day and the black darkness that is filled with stars. I am glad that they did not escape me. They are precious in that these words not only reached many but came from deep inside me where they had been circling around waiting to be put together and shared.

I am holding in my hand these words and hope they reach you today as you might need them. These posts that taught me about paying attention to what we take into our next day, to grow, and to be better.

Choose wisely dear reader. Make each moment and each word we feel and speak count towards our tomorrow. (Tweet This)

How Yoga Put Savings in my Wallet

Each week I look forward to my evening yoga class. As each teacher I've had has told me, yoga will become a part of your life, you will take your practice with you off the mat. Read more

Pastel Pause in the Afternoon

Sunshine. Shadows. Heat. Can you Pause? Afternoon lull. Close your eyes. How often do you stop? How frequently do you look at the colours, see the lines as the sunshine lands through your windows? Do you feel the warmth as it streams into your space? Read more

Death - Touched by His Uncomplicated Life

Fair warning, this post is about death. I hope that you will stick with me though because it is a story that we don't often tell. A better place, passed away, the other side, we call death so many things. None of them, however, can take away the sting. We are afraid of the Unknown, and death is in my thinking the Ultimate Unknown. Read more

Love Letter Thrown from a Car Window

Everywhere: The interaction in the aisle with dog food and bowls. The assertive body language through the rearview mirror. The sullen looks while riding the escalator at the mall. I saw it flutter by. Read more

Secret Telling

We all have secrets, some of ours might be huge or almost harmless but yet they are unspoken and not shared. I remember being about six or seven and doing what I considered to be a despicable thing. My will had been manipulated by some older friends. It was a feeling that would broadcast itself through my body like shock waves… Read more

Holding in my Open Hand and sharing with you - most read blog posts for the year. (Tweet This)