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I've always believed that we're each on a journey to find our best selves. Some search through their work, joining a gym, trying their hand at art, a long marriage or in getting a divorce.

We discover what we want, and who and what we will put up with. We learn through relationship, the daily, sporadic, comforting and irritating. Some answers are even Found in the Flea Market.

Searching to find yourself is not easy, but finding a piece of yourself is worth it. (Tweet This)

There are those who have tried building a new house, only to discover that they are still unfulfilled. Others travel around the world and on their return, quickly plan another voyage. Some of us might be looking but we don't know what we're looking for. So how will we know if we find it?

We are constantly searching for how to nourish our mind and our soul. We just choose different ways to do it.

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In * The Golden Flea, the main character is searching, although he doesn't even know what he is looking to find. The book speaks to what all of us are looking for in this life. Connection, a reason to continue, stories that binds us, and the search for answers.

If you are a fan of flea markets or garage sales, you will see something valuable in this book. Along the way, the character learns about commitment and resilience, determination and how folks who started off as strangers can end up breaking your heart.

Within the pages of this book, you will find the quirky and the hard to believe, the predictable and the just plain weird. You will find Life.

Finding an answer to some of our life questions, will be found in a flea market. If that's where we've chosen to learn. (Tweet This)

Life is a series of stories, of people who firmly plant themselves into our being, and the ones who come and go over a day or a weekend. They are the mysterious, the magical and the irrelevant.

The characters in this book and their search for the 'find', is what each of us do every day in the vehicle of our choosing. Each character around us is there for our learning. We just need to pay attention and always pay the price.

This book talks about life and how our habits of searching for an answer form us, how who we spend our time with molds us, and how difficult it is to break away from some patterns and what we gain and lose along the way.

We each want meaning, a sense of having counted, the exhilaration of learning something new, the joy of growth. At least that's what I look for. And if you do too, we could meet someday for a while or only in passing at an art show, on the walking path or at a flea market.

To find ourself, we need to pause long enough and recognize what we find in each other. (Tweet This)

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If you click and buy from The Golden Flea link, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a few pennies to keep my blog going. Thank you.

If you click and buy from this link, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a few pennies to keep this blog going.