We hold hands as we brush our teeth. Clearly we haven't had enough of each other yet. Anxiety kept me awake between fleeting dreams and I stay in bed for a few more minutes today. She brings me coffee and a kiss and the day starts slower.
On our run there is no sunshine today but the glowing green of new leaves and the order of the parks is uplifting. It reminds me the world carries on. Hope, like spring, is coming.

We are at our desks by 9.30 with another cup of coffee. I am restless today and want to skive but I persist. I write. I turn off the news alerts on my phone. Nothing I don't already know. I call my sister before lunch. She is out walking and I envy her the open outdoor space of the country. I try to continue to work. I try to ignore the puzzle I started last night to limit my screen time.

I am hungry today. My body craves bread and soft cheeses. It doesn't seem to have realised that I do not need as much food now. It is only day 2 after all.