We're into week seven of self-isolation in our home, perhaps you are too. I'm shaking my head now when I realize that I was borderline 'excited' to go do groceries this morning. To see someone else's face that didn't come across a screen.

As a bona fide Introvert, this being at home time, hasn't been too bad. But what I noticed today as I gloved up for my shopping excursion is how challenging it's been to share my stories from the side streets of life with you. Mainly because, I haven't been on too many side streets.

When we are in our own spaces which often means in our own heads, where do you find the other stories?

Stories With No Words

The stories wherever I go now are mostly silent, they play out only by the actions I see. Words only carry so far. (Tweet This)

My week has been written by these quiet stories:

- as I was leaving for my weekly visit to the grocery story: my elderly neighbour knocking on an even more elderly neighbour's door to see if she needed anything

- the tall husband and short wife who walk the neighbourhood daily, sometimes twice a day, hand-in-hand

- the people walking by on our main street, who consciously stop and move off the path, to allow someone else to go by safely

- the family riding bicycles of varying sizes, with the littlest one pedalling as fast as she can to keep up

- the freckled face tyke who said he 'had to stay far away' but asked me if my watch counted my steps

- and the outdoor worker carrying a ladder on my street who paused and waved to let me drive by

The stories continue, we might not know what they are, because for the most part we are not close enough to hear the words. But in this moment, We can believe that not all things are easy, that we are each wrestling with our own worries, and that it's not always easy to be kind. (Tweet This)

The sound of voices will return in full force one day. But the actions we use today can change the words we will hear then.

Our stories don't need words, they need actions. (Tweet This)

Stay safe, stay kind.