The medical expert on today's radio show talked about the aftermath of this prolonged period of isolation.

He reminded the listeners that although we're all in this together and that this event is global, that we each face this storm in different boats.

His comment made me realize how we've each entered this storm from a different place, each with his/her own coping ways and varying amounts of daily anxiety.

So, is it any wonder that we are reacting differently?

We are all making peace with the storm. (Tweet This)

We are questioning our daily activities and beliefs.

Some folks may feel well-equipped with the safety precautions they have in place, which include their emotional and financial security.

- They might have money in the bank and a stable income. And though the situation might be turbulent right now, they will land safely on shore.
- Their ride might be focused on an internal journey. They might discover that they don't 'need' as many luxuries as they were used to.
- I see them sharing to help others, through music, with their words, and in other kinds of I'm here for you support.
- Even if their lives look unaffected, they are still feeling a shift in their understanding of previous plans and future dreams.

Others we know, might have been teetering on the ledge of a change.

- They might have stayed in a work role they disliked because the pay was regular, they might have been wrung out with the expectations of others and counting down the days for a summer break or retirement.
- They might have been clinging to an unhappy relationship hoping things would work out.
- They might be overwhelmed with the uncertainty of everything.
They might have no one.

The boat each of us is riding is definitely different. (Tweet This)

We've all realized that our lives
can be changed in a few short weeks.

The uncomfortable task of keeping our distance and wearing a mask, are more of a habit now.

We meet with friends in a parking lot for a quick coffee as we sit in our cars. And show our latest project, held out our car windows. We celebrate together.

Today at the store, although we couldn't see each other's smile, someone complemented another at their beautiful hair.

On the way home, I saw a teenager dancing in a parking lot while her mother held up her phone, catching all the girl's moves.

Would these things have happened earlier? Maybe.

We humans are adaptable.

We might complain about our circumstances but we know that we need to accommodate our expectations if we are to survive. We might need to put aside our long-held ideas and see that this time is about finding out something new about ourselves.

It takes effort to navigate our new paths, especially when we don't see the end of the journey or which shore we will land on. It also takes courage.

And although this world has shown us difficult times, we need to draw strength from the kindness around us, in the smiles behind the masks, in the patience shown by a stranger to let us pass ahead of them.

I know it is not the same everywhere but let's choose to remember the good things. And to do something about what no longer defines us.

So, I ask you today to take care of your own needs and to look for the good in people. If you have something you can give, do it. If you need a hand, be brave, ask for it. If you need to make a big change in your life, this is the time to decide on it.

Make peace with the storm.

Although the storm is the same, we are all in different boats.

Stay well, stay kind.