I'm tumbling down a rabbit hole,
The deeper I go, the darker it gets
The air grows colder, the patience growing thinner.
I feel I am dying alive.

Desperately I'm searching for a light,
A glimpse of the end
But each time I think I see a faint glow
My tumbling snuffs it out.

I'm crying as I fall,
Wet tears stain bruised cheeks and broken bones
How can I recover if I keep going?
When will I break long enough to heal?

Instead of answers, the darkness sits
Watching quietly as I bump over rocks,
Free-fall into the depths,
Air being sucked from my lungs.

How much further will I fall?
Surely this is as deep as it goes?
This here must be rock bottom?
I want to believe that this must be rock bottom

But everytime I think that,
I realise that this bottom has an edge
And I'm about to tumble right off it
And I'm starting to hope
I don't survive to see the end.