Have you noticed how many people are posting old photos on social media these days? How many memories are re-surfacing?

How each conversation sometimes takes on a life of its own? Each one responding with a different take to what they see, adding a fresh perspective of what they remember.

Each one adding to the story.

Many of us have a paper copy of those days, we've rifled through photo albums or shoeboxes to find them. We have re-lived some happy times, because those are usually the ones we documented, printed and filed away. Although, we might find some half-torn photos too. You know the ones I mean.

We need someone to witness them. Because what is our life if we have no one else who also remembers our days? (Tweet This)

There's a wonderful line in the movie, Shall We Dance? which explains the reason for partnership. It says, we need someone to witness our lives. To say, yes this happened! This is what I'm made from.

So as we share these photos, each one is re-lived. Some moments remembered, others no longer re-called. Some that bring pleasure, some that bring pain, some that have little meaning.

A few years ago, some friends and I circulated photos of our college days. We all had a laugh as Michael asked, 'does anyone know who the girl is whose hand I'm holding?' I'm only guessing that she was important to him that day!

I sent a photo to my children a few days ago, asking if they remembered who three of the people were having dinner around our table. Well, we identified one of them. We could not name the young man wearing a beanie and the blonde woman half hidden from the camera. Don't remember why or how they came to be in my dining room. However, they were still a part of our lives, and I have to wonder if they remember us.

Even if those captured moments have been forgotten, those dinners, those class photos with smiling lines, those ski hills the first day of the season, those neighbours next door, they did happen. We have the proof.

This is a good time to go through our memories and talk about them. To give some thought as to why we still have them, what they meant then and what they mean now. Or we might decide that it could be time to get rid of them.

It's like re-reading a book you've had for a long while, looking at your photos will tell you a different story this time. (Tweet This)

Be Witness to your Life, today. Tomorrow will bring new photos. (Tweet This)

Stay well, stay kind.