This abandoned bicycle has been propped against a tree near the path I walk on.

I don't know much about bicycles, but what I see is that it is red and yellow, no visible rust or broken parts, the seat looks pretty good although worn, the chain intact, child-size.

I wonder about its reasons for leaning against this particular tree. Was it left half-way home by an exhausted rider? Or by a youngster who could claim it was stolen and request a new one?

For the last four weeks, I have seen it as I take my morning or afternoon walk. Usually it is standing erect, but sometimes lying sprawled in the shade as if it is growing sleepy in the heat.

Has it been viewed and tested by others going by? Or only questioned by me?

Four weeks is a long time. Would this bicycle survive alone in another neighbourhood? Would it have been picked, been carried, been ridden away to a new home? Would it have maintained its solitary stance for this long near you?

You can call me naive and foolish. You can call me poetic and silly.

But I like to think that it has been relaxing, waiting patiently for its rightful owner to miss it, or for a deserving child to come by and pedal it to a new parking place at their home.

Stay well, stay kind.