As it says in my bio, i had another account on here. (Cant remember my info to save my life.)
I went by Tyler Sirles. Had to have a cover incase anyone found my writing at the time and had some way to use it against me on a daily basis. (As in bullying because highschool fucking sucks.)
I wrote on here from the time i was 14 i think until 17-18? A ton of things have happened. I fell in love with a felon, pretty much served the 5 years probation sentence with him and kept him clean, all to get left for someone who was 25 living with their mom and had lost custody of her prior kids. Story of her for another time. He played us both for 2 years until I got pregnant and made the choice to walk away since he refused to drop her.
When I concieved my little bundle of joy I was currently in between the past with said man I was in love with, and trying to enjoy my rebound sex binge. To this day I have no clue which one is my daughters father. (Dont judge me because the answer of why is coming.) The man of my past went back to drinking and drugs and the guy I was seeing and sleeping with couldn't get a place of his own or even hold a job to save his life. Neither one of them to this day actually care about my beautiful baby girl unless it involves my attention.
I now am with a wonderful man that i had previously been friends with for a few years. That is who my daughter knows as her daddy. We have our ups and downs like everyone else, but I finally have a stable home life and family that I have waited my entirte life for. I have 3 bonus daughters who know me as mom now. (Their birth giver walked out 3 years ago and hasn't looked back.) I am happy. I now live in the light at the tunnel that never seemed to end. For those of you wondering what that tunnel was, my mother. Her addiction. Her taking me down into the life style with her and not even being my mom. Silver lining; she taught me who not to be which is a hell of a lot easier then learning ho to be.
Point is, after 15 years of dealing with her, I made it. I found my way out. Now to deal with the life issues i have now but still not as hard as dealing with that shit.
Yes, her and I still talk. right now she relapsed into crack and called me yesterday telling me she wants to be clean after I told her I was no longer going to speak to her due to that being the life she chose. I know that is nothing me or my family need to be a part of. But, this is me and im back here again. Sipping on coffee in my little 3 bedroom trailer with my family of 5 humans and 2 doggies. Couldn't be happier.